Wednesday, April 07, 2004

Thomas Paine who wrote the original "Common Sense" pamphlet and inspired the American Revolution with prose that spoke directly to the people, handed out this addendum after a speech made by the King.

I was inspired to look back by our pal Matthew Schmidt, who is working on a presentation about Thomas Paine for school right now. (at least he better be so he can make it to tonight's meetup)

In the addendum I substituted the word "King" with "President" and it works amazingly well to describe any of Bush's speechs. Come and play along, it's fun.

SINCE the publication of the first edition of this pamphlet, or rather, on the same day on which it came out, President Bush’s speech made its appearance in this country. Had the spirit of prophecy directed the birth of this production, it could not have brought it forth, at a more seasonable juncture, or a more necessary time. The bloody mindedness of the one, show the necessity of pursuing the doctrine of the other. Men read by way of revenge. And the speech instead of terrifying, prepared a way for the manly principles of Independence.

Ceremony, and even, silence, from whatever motive they may arise, have a hurtful tendency, when they give the least degree of countenance to base and wicked performances; wherefore, if this maxim be admitted, it naturally follows, that the President's speech, as being a piece of finished villainy, deserved, and still deserves, a general execration both by the Congress and the people. Yet as the domestic tranquility of a nation, depends greatly on the chastity of what may properly be called NATIONAL MATTERS, it is often better, to pass some things over in silent disdain, than to make use of such new methods of dislike, as might introduce the least innovation, on that guardian of our peace and safety. And perhaps, it is chiefly owing to this prudent delicacy, that the President’s speech, hath not before now, suffered a public execution. The speech if it may be called one, is nothing better than a willful audacious libel against the truth, the common good, and the existence of mankind; and is a formal and pompous method of offering up human sacrifices to the pride of tyrants. But this general massacre of mankind, is one of the privileges, and the certain consequences of Presidents; for as nature knows them not, they know not her, and although they are beings of our own creating, they know not us, and are become the gods of their creators.


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