Friday, April 02, 2004

Oh Boy! It's Flashback Friday

August 12, 1996
From Letterman

I must admit, my crazy ass would have found great pleasure in executing #7 (with my drunk friend Matt, of course)

Top Ten Ways to Get Yourself Kicked Out of the Republican Convention

10. Walk around naked except for a strategically placed "Clinton/Gore" button

9. Shout, "The great state of Kansas casts all its votes for Erik Estrada!"

8. Use the first 20 minutes of your speech to call out Bingo numbers

7. Every time you see a Dole poster, say, "I thought he was dead!"

6. Limit delegates to five minutes per speech and two hookers per room

5. Introduce Dole as "El Gringo No-chance-o"

4. Yell, "Clear a path to the buffet table! Limbaugh's coming through!"

3. Surprise Elizabeth Dole with playful yet powerful head butt

2. Announce over P.A. system, "Speaker Gingrich, please meet your gay lover at entrance three"

1. Drink like Ted Kennedy at a Democratic convention

317 federal observers sent to 9 states to monitor elections
November 6, 2000

Before reading, can you guess which state is not on this list?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- The federal government is sending 317 observers to nine states to ensure voting rights of minority groups protected in Tuesday's general elections.

The Justice Department announced that under the Voting Rights Act it has dispatched observers to monitor balloting in parts of Alabama, Arizona, California, Michigan, Mississippi, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York and Utah.

The 317 observers requested by the Justice Department's civil rights division are supplied by the Office of Personnel Management. The observers are instructed to watch and record activities during voting hours. Meanwhile, 45 Justice Department personnel coordinate the activities and maintain contact with local election officials.

One Justice Department attorney has been sent to Flint, Michigan, and another to Fort Worth, Texas, to respond to unspecified election-related concerns.

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