Tuesday, April 06, 2004

The Monday Post-Dispatch had an AP article about whether the civilians who run the U.S. press office in Iraq see their work as an arm of the Bush campaign. They maintain they stress the positive because there's so much good going on in Iraq. On the other hand, the final paragraph quoted Gordon Robison, a former authority contractor there.

"Iraq is in danger of costing George W. Bush his presidency, and the CPA's media staff are determined to see that does not happen," Robison said. "I had the impression in dealing with the civilians in the Green Room that they viewed their job as essentially political, promoting what the Coalition Provisional Authority is doing in Iraq as a political arm of the Bush administration."

That quotation sent me scurrying for my Bible of Bureaucracy: Catch-22. Dig this gem from General Dreedle:

" . . . I have a crying need for a tough, experienced, competent officer like you to help produce the memoranda upon which we rely so heavily to let people know how good we are . . . ."


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