Friday, April 30, 2004

I'm debating: should I eat Alexander Cockburn's words criticizing John Kerry? On the one hand, Cockburn (and I) don't trust most Democrats anymore. Both parties are bought by corporations. That's why Dean was forced to take a fall: he wasn't bought. Last January, Dean was getting 13 percent of his money in contributions of $2000; Kerry was getting 55 percent of his money that way. That's why I'm not generous with Kerry, as I was with Dean. I ask myself if I'm just contributing to another big business puppet.

On the other hand, I'd say Cockburn was inaccurate in his assessment that Kerry will focus on reducing the deficit and neglect jobs. After reading that Kerry is pledging to create ten million new jobs, I went to Google and typed in "John Kerry's positions on jobs". There are LOTS of specific details there about his plans.

Take a look. Click here. Scroll down to Priorities and click on any aspect of his jobs plan you want to know more about. He certainly sounds like a real Democrat. Maybe I'm too cynical.

By the way, I'm especially pleased to see Kerry criticizing the lack of security at chemical plants. That oversight has been troubling me.

So I'm apologizing for yesterday's posting--in a way.


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