Thursday, April 22, 2004

Criticize him all you want, but President George Bush has one unerring talent. If there's a wrong way to do something, he will infallibly find it. And I don't just mean the big stuff like attacking Iraq, cutting taxes for the rich, and gutting the environment. No. Here is a man who pays attention to the niceties, the small details of doing it wrong. Here are two recent gaffes:

1) After the Bay of Pigs, Kennedy spoke on television. He explained that when a project succeeds, it has a hundred proud parents. When it fails, it's an orphan. Kennedy said he couldn't leave the Bay of Pigs failure an orphan. He was in charge, and the failure was his responsibility. The next day his poll numbers shot up eleven points. In private, he expressed surprise that he could fail so miserably and become more popular. Tuesday of last week a reporter asked Bush if he had made any mistakes as president. Nope, couldn't think of any. See what I mean about his unerring instincts?

2) Bush is appointing John Negroponte as ambassador to Iraq after June 30. First of all, who are we kidding with the term "ambassador"? He'll be the de facto president of a bloody mess. Negroponte speaks no Arabic, and his only connection with the Middle East is that he sold the Iranis weapons during their eight year war with Iraq. His credentials won't endear us to Iraqis. Other than that, he's best known for using the money from those arms sales to finance the Contras in their terrorism against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua in the eighties. Then there's his record as ambassador in death-squad plagued Honduras. He used American aid not to push for democracy but to further empower the country's military. The American Prospect had this to say when he became ambassador to the U.N.: "Negroponte [is] an ambassador who comes to his new post trailing an abysmal record of official mendacity and a murky relation to the darkest of deeds." Could Bush have chosen more unwisely?


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