Friday, April 23, 2004

Charles Krauthammer is after Kerry for planning to mend our diplomatic fences in Europe and go to the U.N. for help in Iraq. "This is an Iraq policy? Never has a more serious question received a more feckless answer." Actually I know of another Iraq policy that is far more feckless. With only ten weeks to go, Bush plans to turn authority in Iraq over to . . . he knows not whom. But whoever it is, they'll have only partial command of their own troops and will not be able to enact new laws. So they're in charge, but not. They're in charge of issuing drivers' licenses and seeing that public restrooms are kept clean.

Bush doesn't have a plan; he doesn't even have a clue.

In the April 26 issue of The Nation, Jonathan Schell describes this plan that isn't one and concludes:

Instead of saying, "On June 30, the Coalition will hand over sovereignty to the Iraqi people," we should say, "On June 30, the re-election campaign of George W. Bush will hand over the appearance of responsibility for the rapidly deteriorating situation in Iraq to certain of its local appointees."


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