Friday, April 02, 2004

Bush has asked the FDA to modify the warning on condom wrappers. He wants folks to know that condoms don’t always prevent the spread of genital warts. Don’t misunderstand. I’m not in favor of genital warts. But PUH-LEEZE, could we concentrate for a minute on something important? This is the man who wanted to spend billions on Star Wars and ignored terrorist threats. This is the man who stopped the EPA from clamping down on mercury pollution. (Hmmm. Thousands of deaths from mercury pollution or genital warts—which would we rather stop?) This is the man who . . . . You fill in the rest of the list. I’m too disgusted.

I’m irate about crotch preachers. This idea that sin begins and ends with sex did not even come from Christ, who had nothing to say about the issue. Instead, Jesus concentrated on helping the needy. And any church—or president—who has lost sight of that truism is immoral.


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